U. of T. Faculty Club

We enjoyed a cold beer in this terrific little pub. Dan, the bartender was friendly and extremely interested in the stories behind the paintings. My agent, Susan Philips did a brilliant job installing “Urban and Rural.” We felt the pictures lookied like they were commissioned to fit the space. We were also told the food is excellent, so if you’re in the area check it out. The paintings are there until the end of the month.

Figure Workshop

Steve Rose’s Five Day Intensive; Figure Drawing and Painting. Extremely innovative instruction. Daily and non stop, but for brief breaks and lunch. Really something.

Impact 2016

“The Quick and the Dead” won the Peoples’ Choice Award at this year’s Impact Juried Exhibition at Neilson Park Creative Centre. 154 paintings were submitted for consideration.

U. of T. Exhibition

The third stop of my touring exhibition, “Urban and Rural” is the University of Toronto’s Faculty Club. The paintings will be on display throughout the month of September.

A Chance Encounter

“Kim Moon Bakery,”
A happy client. A lovely young lady. Her grandmother worked in the bakery when she first arrived from Canada. Thank you Donna Child and Artworld Fine Art.